Pioneering a ground-breaking approach to education.

Toxteth TV and Splendid Things are currently developing their education provision within the Arts/Creative Media in-line with STEM initiatives. STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are the areas in which future jobs and societies will depend. There are many barriers to engaging people in these areas, such as perceptions of the subject matters (e.g. they are ‘boring’) or that people do not feel that they have enough prior knowledge to engage with the subjects (e.g. they are too ‘hard’). STEAM brings the Arts into the acronym and also into the teaching of the subjects; the Arts become a vehicle through which people can access and engage with STEM education.

We have always been involved in delivering training in the technology arena and our projects have also covered environmental science, but we want to take this further and innovate more than we ever have before. Building on our film technology courses, our accredited media programmes with numeracy skills embedded and our environmental work – Toxteth TV and Splendid Things are striving to make STEM subjects accessible to everyone. Behind every great scientific discovery, technological advancement, engineering feat, or mathematical equation is an idea – let’s bring creativity centre-stage, let’s release #STEAM!