What would you say if you were on television?

That’s the question our team of community reporters asked out on the streets of Liverpool. In September 2012, Toxteth TV and Splendid Things teamed up with lead artist Dora Garcia, presenter Peter Aers, sound recordist Ami Yesufu, Liverpool Biennial and The Bluecoat to produce Outside! The title of the project, “Outside!” refers to the essence of street TV, but also, to the porous nature of the “fourth wall”, in this case the television screen. In Outside!, the people who are on television are the same who watch television and are the same who make television, collapsing the relationship between producer and consumer.

Over a period of 9 days our community reporters went out on our City’s streets to find out what you wanted to talk about, and topics ranged from music through to multiculturalism – and just about everything in-between. Each day some of the people from the street interviews would be invited back to participate in a talk show inside The Bluecoat to talk about some of the themes and topics in more detail (and of course, the live audience got to have their say as well!). After the project, the street interviews and talk shows were exhibited in an installation inside The Bluecoat, as well as on the project’s website here.