The Pass It On Community Reporters are back!


Toxteth TV is back working with Greenbank College students, training them how to use community reporting practices to create content for the College’s blog. So far, we’ve trained the budding reporters on the editorial policy, storytelling and structuring techniques, photography skills, audio production processes and how to create video productions. We will soon be amalgamating these skills and entering the realm of multimedia production!

Throughout the remainder of the academic year, Toxteth TV will continue to provide the Pass It On Community Reporters with mentoring and support as they take their first steps at independently producing content. The project is a great way for the College to share with the local & online community all of the fabulous work that they do, and the diverse range of skills that their students have. For the students, they are learning loads of new things along the way – from digital media skills to developing their leadership skills and confidence in their own abilities. We’re really proud to be a part of this fantastic project, and you can check out the reporter’s work here.

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