The Good, The Bad, and The Scouse is in full swing!


The Splendid Things team have been very busy working on heritage scriptwriting projects for their Heritage Lottery Fund programme of work, ‘The Good, The Bad and The Scouse’. The project started last December and has seen research into Toxteth’s past, between 1850 and 1900, conducted by a team of Archive Researchers. The team looked through old newspapers and logged a whole load of stories about Toxteth during that time period.

Once this epic research task was complete, the most interesting stories were put out to a public vote (a bit like X Factor!) and 8 have been selected to be made into quirky animations. Over the last couple of months, Splendid Things has been working with different groups to produce the scripts and storyboards that will be used by professional animators Robot Foundry VFX when creating the 8 animations. So far we have three scripts completed on stories such as theft at Toxteth Cemetery and a case of wrong identity…and the scripts we are currently working on include a gruesome tale of a finger in a sausage and a very superstitious nurse. A team of amazing Workshop Assistants are currently supporting these projects, injecting new ideas into how heritage activities can be delivered in engaging and creative ways.

By Christmas we should have 7 of the 8 scripts ready (and a few of the animations produced), and be set to complete the final script early in the New Year. All the animations and resources produced as part of the project as set to be launched in Spring 2015…so watch this space. For more information about the project and for how you can get involved, head over to the project’s website:


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